Pierre Smeets (BE)

Pierre is an award-winning designer who has been heading up his own graphic design agency, pleaseletmedesign, for the past 10 years. A championship-winning basketball player and father of two, he was born and brought up on the outskirts of Liege, lending him a strong work ethic. He's been known as something of an unsung guitar hero, and entertains somewhat of a love and hate relationship with sugar.

At LEGACY, Pierre heads up the agency’s design department.

Nicholas Lewis (BE)

Nicholas is the founding editor-in-chief of The Word Magazine, Belgium's longest-running free art and culture magazine. The son of Indian-German parents, he was born and brought up in Brussels before moving to London for eight years for study, work and play. Upon returning to his home city, he launched The Word Magazine, getting heavily involved in the local publishing and contemporary art scenes. He also hosts a weekly radio show on FM Brussel (Mondays from 21h to 22h).

At LEGACY, Nicholas is responsible for the agency’s editorial output.

Guillaume Kidula (FR)

Before joining us, Guillaume used to be the director of a cultural centre in Brazzaville, Congo. A journalist, project leader and band manager, his spare time is spent collecting pots, organising music festivals and getting off on experimental music. He also keeps a blog at www.3oha.wordpress.com and his the co-founder of Schiev, a simple music festival.

At LEGACY, Guillaume is responsible for the agency’s cultural projects.