Mamma Roma Guide to Brussels

Catalogue for the launch of a new pizza delivery service in Paris. As the catalogue would be freely-distributed in random mailboxes with a ton of other promotional leaflets, the client’s brief was simple: make the catalogue a collectable.

Concept proposed

Everyone knows Parisians are in love with everything Belgian, and Brussels more specifically. So what better way to ensure they keep a pizza delivery catalogue other than by giving them useful editorial content about a city they love? And that is exactly what we did.

As well as the catalogue’s visual identity, photography and graphic design, we created The Mamma Roma Guide to Brussels, a collection of custom-made guide-type lists such as the Best Photography Galleries in Brussels, or the Best Vintage Design Galleries in Brussels.


Nicholas Lewis: Editorial
Damien Aresta: Art Direction
Pierre Smeets: Design Direction and Design
Frédéric Raevens: Photography

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